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Tuesday, September 30, 2003
  Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

Hey I know that there are THOUSANDS of reviews out there but I just had to sy hat this was my most FAV. Book i have ever read. I would recommend it to ANYONE(cept my english teacher he hates good book) im about to buy then enders shadow book and read it... I loved this book i was hooked from page 1 - 2?? whatever it was...i hate reading but i LOVED this one... i normally take weeks(even months to read a book) but i read this one in 3 days. Well cyall.... I'm picturing this English teacher passionately railing against good books, and throwing bad books at the heads of students. It amuses me.

I thoght that this was the worst book ever and should be burned in hell
Wow, it doesn't even get a chance in Purgatory?

In the beginning of this book Ender acted like a weenie, letting all those other kids bully him, even if he was only six years old. Ender Wiggin is a weenie. What more can I say?
Monday, September 29, 2003
  The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

I admit that I have never read this book, but I read the excerpt and reviews etc. It is disgusting. No earthly human being has any right to write about Heaven, especially associated with what this book is associated with, having never been there. Also, especially because her description is twisted and untrue. Anybody that has ever been to sunday school or church, read the bible or believed in God knows that when you go to Heaven you will be happier than ever before, an that you won't long for earth, and that you will be sinless and pure. So if you're going to write a book about Heaven, which I think is just wrong, make sure your version isn't twisted and messed up. Nobody who writes a book will ever have a true interpretation of Heaven- it is one of those things that is wonderful and a true gift from God, but don't spoil it by rushing and using it, interpreting and writing books about it. That excerpt was upsetting. I suggest any knowledged or normal Christian look at this book with a disapproving eye. GOD BLESS YALL! Why read the book before judging it anyways?

this movie would make a great movie with george cloony as the dad, meg ryan as the mom Is that so?

i seriously loved this book. it was extremely moving and a really heatbreaking story. it seriously made me think of life differantly and i realized that death is much bigger than it seems. i reccomend this book to people ages 15 + probably because as a 15 year old myself a lot of the people i know wouldnt be able to handle the book at my age. i reccomend the lovely bones to anyone who can handle a serious freaky heartbreaking book!!!!!!!!! Seriously?

Thursday, September 25, 2003
  Real life has been getting in the way of updating this week, so here's a quick roundup of The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer.

If you like the television series "The Simpsons," you will probably like Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. They reflect the same vulgar approach to entertainment which, instead of making us rise above the gutter of everyday life, brings us to the lowest level of crudity. There are some redeeming tales however, such as the Knight's Tale, but as a whole, this book should be avoided by anyone with a sense of honour and decency. I never would have thought to draw a Simpson's parallel.

Alle that I can saye Is that these booke hath Mayde my daye Goode! Verye verye goode! Middle English lives.

Sunday, September 21, 2003
  I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou

I dont really have a review. i really just wanted notes in a book i am supposed to read for school. Instead of giving me cliff notes or even a summary, I get this sight adking me if i want to bye the fricking book when i already have it. i have read the book, I just want notes to do journal entries on so i dont fail the fricking class. So thanks for nothing. This site sucks. and I dont want to follow you guidlines. I dont care about your guidlines. i dont care if this gets posted or not. I just want to say that i couldnt find notes here or anywhere and your sight pisses me off the most. if you are at all offended by my opinions, Im sorry in advance but that still doesnt get me the notes i need and that really pisses me off that Imapoligizing to you for something i didnt get but need desperatley.and im 15 not twelve. send me to jail for lying but i know this wont be posted so i dont care all that much who reads this and who doesnt Gosh, it's almost like Amazon's main goal is to sell books. How horrid.

I don't like books like this and the only reason I read it was because I had to for our "multi-cultural" unit of Literature Class. I didn't know what was going on half the time, but some of it wasn't the books fault. Our teacher only let us read the "important parts" and had to staple together three chapters because they were "inappropriate." Basically, this whole book tell's about Maya's hard and traumatic childhood. I'm real sorry for her, I really am, but I really don't want to read 200+ pages about it, simply because I frankly didn't care. It seems like the school expects us to like these books just because they're written by people of different races and they're semi-true. I do not like them and hope you don't ever have to read this book. Only posting this because it goes along with this week's theme of censorship.


Hi, my name is John Rocker and I just love Maya Angelou books. I remember this one time when I was at the Million Man March as a young African-American and Maya approached me to exchange poetry. She invited me and my best friend in the whole world, Tiger Woods, to a fried chicken dinner on her and we gratefully accepted. We stayed up all night sharing stories of single black motherhood and when dawn came, while Maya and Tiger were both in a drowsy haze, I slipped on my dew rag and started chanting old African spirituals. They both sprang to life and in seconds we were having the time of our life. Anyway, we were carryin' on so loud and cheerful, we didn't even hear the sirens of the police car that was approaching Maya's house. When she saw the policeman at her door she assumed that he was there to arrest her for stealing a Wu Tang CD, but upon closer inspection she realized it was just her good friend Don Shaft. Oh Lordy did we have a grand ole time. Now I know why the caged bird sings. CAN YOU DIG IT!  
Friday, September 19, 2003
  Kicking off Banned Book Week a day early.
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Your worst nightmare.
Look into the eyes of a gridlocked friend.
Do you need soma (sic)?
I do if I'm going to read book reviews in blank verse.

I find that this book is horrible. It is boring and not enjoyable to read at all. I find it discusting in one scene the children were singing a song about orgies. In the book farenhieght 451 they talk about a world in which all books are burned well I think every copy of this book should be burned it is horrible and boring I only recommend this book for people who have problems sleeping. This book will get them to sleep if it doesn't give them a headache first. Didn't entirely get the message of Fahrenheit 451 did you?

I searched for Truth and found only happiness. Dreadful. Dreadful. I must atone. I must be good.I must find Truth. I must die. The only thing I truely know about and that is nothing. I escape.I suffer. I find pleasure in pain and suffer for my pleasure. A plane, A mind, with narry a machine to marry the two. And never the two shall meet. And never the two shall meet. With a clear mind I step off into eternity--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

While most readers find the content of this book frightening, I have always seen it in a different light. It only makes sense that the physically and cerebrally superior lead the world and reproduce. Is it not more humane for the Epsilon's of the world to enjoy cleaning toilets and sweeping floors? There are hundreds of thousands of people in this country alone that would be much better off with some pre-natal programming, which would in turn benefit the rest of us by eliminating the burdens to society. Okay, now I'm scared.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003
  Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

Im sorry to say this too all the naive people who loved this book, but this is a cheap run-off of the already crappy book, "The Count Of Monte Cristo" by Alexander Dumas. Whoever thinks they are a great or intellecual person because they liked this piece of garbage is really a small and simple person who gets pleased by an extremely boring, if not, the most boring book with a cheesy, go happy plot. But hey, at least you can say that you read a really long book and show off about that. Ah, sweet bitterness.

I Love this book. The onley resen it get 5 stars was the longdisecrpth. My favertet cherting was Epining. whom pepler sem to foget. some of the reson I lick Epineg is her tragey and streg of spirt. I'm go thore a tight time so I can empirs whih
I'm not gony to tell you her tradge you have to read to find out
Sometimes, I get tired and let my cats do the typing.

This is a really swell book. I read it for a book report. I really like the characters. But was Javert really bad? I think he was just preforminbg his duty to the law. THIS BOOK IS NOT ABOUT LOVE. IT IS ABOUT HATE AND SUFFERING! IT IS NOT HAPPY! IT IS DEPPRESSING! IT SHOWS HOW HUMANKIND CAN CRUSH ITSELF. AND I LOVED IT! EVERY WORD! -------------------------------------------------------------- 
Monday, September 15, 2003
  Sabbath's Theater by Phillp Roth

Music ceases to be a cerebral construction and instead becomes a mainly physical experience if you stand within spitting of the front row of a 1000 piece steel orchestra, or actully put your head inside the base-bin of a fifteen foot high speaker. The rhythm and the base largely bypass your conciousness and just makes your muscles move, and the adrenalin flow. And so, similarly, Sabbaths Theatre manages to explode literature from the confines of ideas and into the realm of the immediately PHYSICAL. As well as being totally psycho-sexually terrifying, this is the is the most visceral and relentlessly blood curdling thing i ever read. This book causes some serious hormonal imbalances as it sets each and every chemical in the body raging into a situation of sheer EMERGENCY. One negative upshot of all of this physical and pschological panic is that PHILIP ROTH ACTUALLY GAVE ME PSORIASIS. But, you are purely addicted, and justify your next hit on the grounds that, yes, this really is an important insight into the state of 20th century, and beyond, western society, it's outrageous moralizing, sexual politics, and the structure of it's relationships. And in doing so your delicate identity becomes simply a site of repeated trauma. This is the 100% pure columbian of Literature.

Sabbath's payload is the overwhelming sense that you are living your life as if a castrated dog, and that any kind of moral judgement applied to any kind sexual behaviour or impulse is inhumane. You will spend several weeks seeking sexuality-affirming experiences in some crazy-ass attempt at making your own life something approching AUTHENTIC. ALL OF THE TIME. your own second-hand Sabbath-styled rants will get delivered for the millionth time in your local bar, and your conversation skills will become the verbal equivalent of no holds barred XTREME boxing, or what ever it's called. The interesting thing is how well and sympathetically these ideas are recieved. Sabbath will take your own grievences about the numbing effect of living in civilisation, feed them through a 500 megawatt amplifier and spit them back in your face with uncompromisingly brutal and brilliant humour.

A dangerous book for the over-impressionable. hilarious, unique and brilliant.
I'm thinking of having "Philip Roth gave me psoriasis" printed on a t-shirt.

Friday, September 12, 2003
  Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser

This book is so boring. The bastards at my school made me read it. I want to assassinate them all. Chupacabara!! Cthulhu!

When reading booklists (one of my fav. hobbies) I came across this title and the review was somthing like a lover's life rises as her partner (Drouet) declines. I am only about 220/473 pgs. I was quite dissapointed at first but now there is immense action that is quite enthralling. I can't wait to finish, partly so I can read another novel. This sort of thing warms the heart (really).

I would have hated being the fallen man who ran away from his life to live and flirt with a flirt. Carrie is a beautiful idiot who, Ca-rr-ie-, the light of my loin (haha Lolita), but she's only a fictional character future known brainiac: Dreiser. Oh well, I need to get some sleep now after this heavy read. I think that may be a good idea. 
Wednesday, September 10, 2003
  Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

Look, you're a smart person. You know what you like and what you don't like. Unless of course you say you liked this book. In which case I rescind my first statement. Just because some art freak with oily skin and a funny hat says a book is good, doesn't make it an American classic. For lack of a better word, this book sucked Don't knock funny hats.

Everyone must read this book. I had to buy a new copy because mine got all ratty from carrying it around and yelling phrases at people in the mall I'm sure that mall security appreciated that.

I hate books with lots of characters. And this one had a ton. It seems like every chapter had five new people id "meet", then forget about a few chapters later. I kept reading it, but I just couldnt stand it. I stopped abut half-way through
Friday, September 05, 2003
  It's a special all-Shakespeare revue of reviews.

Romeo and Juliet

In my opinion, this book is not adaptable for kids because it shows the difficult and dramatic situation between Romeo and Juliet, and because there are a lot of battles were there is a lot of blood, that are not for kids.
It tells that Romeo and Juliet cannot be together because their families were in a feud. Juliet?s mother wants her to marry a man that is called Paris. In the other side Romeo had to kill a man called Tybalt, Juliet?s cousin, because he wanted to kill Romeo. So Romeo had to escape to Mantua. Finally Juliet lies that she is dead so Romeo goes to see Juliet?s body but before he had to kill Paris. After that he committed suicide and Juliet too.
In conclusion I like it but it?s obvious that children are going to read it.
Won't somebody please think of the children!


In your opinion, is Macbeth a mystery of sort? I have to do a book report on a mystery and macbeth interests me. If you have an opinion, email me at ********. Thanks! Amazon as a homework resource.


Perfect reading for anyone interested in the history of the worlds evils against the African-American. Othello is just a cool young brother who gets tricked into doing some awful stuff by a guy who is jealous of Othello. Read it
The review was titled, "Honest black man gets tricked. Reminicent of the LAPD".

Taming of the Shrew

Set in the bleak, industrial land of Airstrip One, this play by Wilem Shapear made tell the tale of Simeon the tailor, struggling to get by with a family of six and a 12 shilling a week income. Although overly depressing at times, the Taming of the Shrew is a chilling and relevant reminder of how sometimes the stock market bubble can burst and todays rags to riches stock market stories may someday reverse. Servo me, ardeo! Non solvere possum id. I've always wanted to visit Airstrip One. 
Thursday, September 04, 2003
  A Separate Peace by John Knowles

in my view I hated this book with every fiber of my existance. but no Im seriouse this book was awful the book is dry no action no romance not even a good thrill. at its best it gets a 2 but that would be pushing it so unless your looking for a good nap don't read it.
In my view, I... oh never mind.

Alright Let me stat off by saying that this book stinks. It is boring and slow . Finny is the typical egotistical Jock so he had itcoming to him for getting gene to do all of those things like skip school and go to the beach , which in the long run caused him to fail his trigonometry test. If it was me I would have also shook the branch!!! Okay, someone has issues.

I did not like the book, the Separate Peace.The book did not really catch my attention. The way the book was written and how the story unfolded.I did not like how the author kinda portred that some of the charactars were homosexual. In alot of stories I have read I have liked the charactars. But in this particular story the charactars di not apel to me at all. So any one that I lokking to read this book I do not recomend It. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I have read this book several times over the years and with each reading I always pick up something new and revealing. Because the characters are so well developed a reader can't help but to become so attached and truly experience storytelling at a very intimate level - a level that few novels achieve. If you liked A Separate Peace, I would encourage you to read my novel, YOURS, AIDEN The fine art of self-promotion.

think that this book was very borning. I think that this book dint inrest me because it took place bake in the older days and i think that it would be more intresting if it tolk place in the modern times . i also dint like it because there was knw girls in the story and i think that it would be more intresting if there was some girls in it . i think the most inresting part in this story was when Gene went to go visit leperd at his home after he had ben relested for the was . I think this part what good because this is where lepey says to Gene that he thinks he is crasy and Gene hits him and then Leppy just laphs and said that that proveds that he is. I think this boolk just was to long mybe because it dint intrest me This was a 5 star review, and that's all I'm saying.

Tune in tomorrow when we take on Shakespeare. 
Tuesday, September 02, 2003
  American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis

Brett went to Bennington in the 80's. Next week on Biography, Betty White.

There is nothing I love more than American Psycho. I've thought about it, and yes, it is true.

So I am proposing to Bret Easton Ellis, though if he does accept, my parents could prosecute him, for I am underage.

Hey! Maybe I could steal him and lock him in the guest room of my house. I could give him false hopes of the outside world if he just writes me another novel. This is how much I like American Psycho.

Patrick Bateman is just awesome. One of my favorite characters. And think, those of you who are planning to read this beautiful, wonderful, marvelous book, "is the violence real, or is it in his head?"

September comes and a girl’s fancy turns to kidnapping.

Psychosis as a metaphor for greed, lust, selfishness, ego, and the American Dream mutated into Nightmare? I love the idea of a Neo-Conservative young Republican turned psychopath. But these tendencies fit more into the category of sociopath than psychotic. And the line that's crossed is a bit of a stretch. I'd be curious to know whether the data supports successful people harboring any psychotic tendencies. There is no exposition into Patrick Bateman's past. Are psychotics made? Or is there a chemical imbalance? Or both? Did Ellis research any of this? I doubt it. This is still a fascinating and brilliant satire that had me laughing and at times nauseated. I could not put this book down.

REGARDING THE VIOLENCE: Writers tend to write about what they know. If the Authorities have read this book, why haven't they searched under Bret Easton Ellis' house? I know I would. Just kidding. The descriptions of satanic brutality, and destruction of women in this tome are so shocking they made me physically ill at times. No normal human mind could conceive these nightmare descriptions of savaging people, and not be a little bit warped. I hope your in therapy Bret!! And I hope certain sick individuals don't use this book as a guide for some of their own twisted fantasies. This book straddles the line of exploitation.



Still the reviwer gave the book 5 stars.

What would you do if you were an empty-headed rich boy facing the second-book dilemma? Why, you'd do what Brett Easton Ellis did: pour two tons of fake blood all over the manuscript so nobody could tell that you never had an ounce of talent and could not write your way out of the proverbial paper bag, even with a big bloody knife in hand.

Just as failed pop musicians migrate to C & W, where dim audiences are pleased by devices grown dull in the faster world, so Brett has taken the cliches of mall gore back to the slowed-down world of the East-Coast publishing world, where the serial-killer schtick, an object of fifth-generation parody for the hip kids at the multiplexes, actually seems "searing" and new. A strange twist on the provincial/urbane distinction: the provinces are now the cutting edge, and the Manhattanites the easily-awed suckers.

Ellis has now written two wholly derivative, inept novels and attained fame. As an entrepreneur he is not without skill. As a novelist....he's just not.
Wow, and some people think that "I'm* bitter.

Were you like me back in the day, dreading endless book reports on books that just made you hate reading in general even more and more with each passing loathed assignment? Yeah, I feel your pain. It's still with me to this day. That's why...

I hate reading. I've read maybe 5 books in my lifetime, most of them against my will. I refuse to even purchase a newspaper. Why read it when you can watch the damn news and get moving pictures.

Which brings us to this particular balls out masterwork. It nearly didn't get published, why? Because it's good. I laughed all the way through the movie based on the book ofcourse and I'm happy to say that that was the last movie I took my EX-girlfriend to see. I'd repeat that night 1,000 times over if I could. To watch her writhing in her seat while I laughed histerically. The DVD is what prompted the purchase of the book. Bale and the director's commentary in particular. How could the book be "worse?"


Okay, slightly creeped out now. 
Monday, September 01, 2003
  The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury

dont read this book if you are looking for a book that is interesting. the martian chronicles was easily the worst non-fiction book i ever read. it is boring and hard to understand. there is no flow and because of when it was written the author is completly wrong about how space exploration has turned out.
Gosh, an SF book was wrong about the future! Does this mean that I'm not getting my flying car?

The book Martian Chronicals by Ray Bradbury is ,if not the worst, one of the worst books I have ever read. Not only was the plot poorly developed, but the words used were used poorly. Certainly one of the worst examples of writing that I have seen. Ray Bradbury has never been my favorite author but this book was simply horid. It was not only graphic but also inappropriate for people under the age of 18. It was also offensive to people between the ages of 22 and 93. If I could I would give this book 0 stars. This book was definitely a turn off to reading. I love how the book suddenly turns 'appropriate' for people in the 19 to 21 age group.

The Martians were dangerous, and attacked humans when unprovoked. Any civilazation would never attack men they didnt want. The chronicles have too much death. The martians killed every earthling they saw. its too unrealistic and needs a lot of help They shamed the good name of E.T.

The book said that we would be on Mars in about 30 years and i thought that was way untrue it seems to close for us to be leaving a planet that desn't have to much wrong with it Okay, for the last time, it's called science fiction.

This book is an ExcelentThiller and is very exciting because u dont know what will happen next. But i will warn you IF U Are A FAST READER READ IT AGAIN CAUSE IT COULD BE CONFUSING. but everything is excellent. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
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