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Sunday, November 23, 2003
  The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells

this book is bouring I got a F-for it in class for sleeping. no one should have to go through it.this book makes you what to go to a tower and start shooting I don't think it was merely sleeping in class that earned this student an F.

this book was okay but extended too long so it got boring at times. it should have been in the U.S. It should have considered making it in NewYork. Then it could have been more exiting. Then we could have understood it much better because most of the words were in british. It would have been a lot better. they should make a remake of it in a english background. they should also update the book. *slams head into desk*

Never matched and certainly never exceeded, HG Wells' 'War of the Worlds' remains the ultimate invasion, bye bye mankind extravaganza of the imagination.
And ..somehow, being set in the Victorian era makes it even more irresistable, with people fleeing from the grizzly invaders wearing tweeds and bustles.. what a vision that conjures up in our jaded, new millenium plastic weary imaginations.
My prayer is (having just learned that Tom Cruise is to make a new film version) that he avoids blasphemy against this beloved antique piece of science fiction and does not make an updated whizz-bang, glitzathon Hollywood piece of barbarism! Mr Cruise take note! plenty of bustles, corsets, horses, carts and brass telescopes - thank you sir!
While we're sending out memos to famous people, let me reinstate my request for Jude Law to call me. 
Monday, November 10, 2003
  Today marks Amazon World's 6 month anniversary, yay!  
  Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

Steven Covey, although he is exceptionally talented at writing, among other things, is a Mormon. Mormons believe so many things that contradict what Jesus taught. If you are a Christian and are looking for direction, please go to the Bible. The bible will help you find the habits to make you an effective and happy person. Man may write in words that are easier for you to read, but that is all they are, easier to read.

If you want to find out what Mr. Covey REALLY believes I challenge you to read Mormonism Unmasked.
So my Day-Planner is evil? Good to know.

We live in a society that teaches us to be passive and rely on experts for our decision making. All our media is based on noninteractive mediums often supplemented by laugh tracks to tell us when we are happy and creepy music to tell us when we are scared. Fear and confusion are the tools by which people are turned into sheep with a checkbook. It begins in compulsory education systems where we are given a question and the answer and then asked the question (how many of those answers have you later found to be lies). Your thoughts are not required but your complacency is demanded. We have our issues framed in such a way that we debate only a list of sanctioned and approved alternatives with no discussion of that which has been deemed counter-revolutionary by the powers that be, and dissent will not be tolerated. Once we were told what to think, now we are simply told not to. The news comes complete with analysis of how it will impact your life so all you need to do is sit back offer blind faith in the mega-corporations that bring you the 5-oclock news and the Seven Habits of Highly Deceptive People.
The motive behind this learned helplessness is to homogenize us into targetable markets and prepare us for the sales pitch offering what we have just been told we need in order to bring fulfillment to our unsatisfying and tame lifestyles of servitude to others. The media has told us what is attractive, what is just and what the good-life is, which avails a new market of telling us how to cope with the frustration of having our thoughts dictated by external profit seekers...Enter the Oprah-Covey-Dr. Phill solution. Tell me I have problems, tell me what they are, tell me how to fix them and I will pretend I believe you care about me more than another ivory back-scratcher you can spend my 3 easy payments on.
We spend millions on infomercial products telling us how to increase our IQ 30 points, reduce cellulite, and make a fortune in real-estate, all by devoting ten minutes a week and sending our check or money order to address on the screen without ever leaving the sofa.
As we watch talk shows bring in the so called 'specialists', we remove ourselves from real problems that cause us real stress and focus on masters of rhetoric peddling easy answers to indirect questions. Do we need to follow the 'correct map', or do we need involve ourselves in direct action and reaction to events and circumstances of our life as is best judged by our own undiluted thoughts. As any good marketing class will teach you, repetition creates truth. The incessant references to ambiguous entities of inner power and paradigm maps along with blurred calls to action involving centering one's self and shifting paradigms offer little certainty when action is called for in our lives.
Eventually a person gets tired of hearing all the ways we are told how to cope and that it's gonna be alright and, only then, real change can happen. It does not require shifting a paradigm map but it might require unleashing the harness we are bound by and going down to city hall. It may require you to develop distrust of the mainstream mass media and question the motives behind those trying to influence you. You might need to make tangible changes to your lifestyle and remove yourself from situations where you are powerless, you might need to question your involvement in systems of exploitation, and you may need to be much less tame.
The most important thing is to believe change in your life will come from yourself and not the expert. The painful truth is that the expert doesn't care about you or your unsatisfying life. They have no idea how to solve your problems and no motivation to do so, particularly when they have a new self help cook-book coming out next spring and have already added your name to their marketing list.
If your life needs change, you need to change it yourself. You are not helpless, and you have everything you need to do it already. If it is self-help you seek, Covey-help will get you nowhere. Everyone has an agenda and most of them need your credit card number. It can be dangerous to believe that this rhetoric will bring you more than the temporary illusion that you have taken control of your life when all you have done is tightened the shackles that bind you the source of dissatisfaction you sought to free yourself from.
You know, blogs were created for just this sort of essay, look into it.

The wisdom of the seven habits, moves us to another way of thinking and seing our human condition and our interaction with other people. Its pragmatism is valuable to every arena of life. Definitely, a classic and acclaimed book that will serve to create the highly competitive organizations of the 21th century and Ultimately will contribute to the improvement of society and development of human soul. Now that's a little bit creepy.

Buy it, read it, give copies to your children, your employees, your boss and anyone else you care about. Just make sure to include a return slip. 
Wednesday, November 05, 2003
  The Natural by Bernard Malamud

The Natural was very disappointing. It seemed a sports fans pornography. It described women's bodies in such an obscene way that it could make anyone blush. The use of sex to rush out of real life for Roy Hobbs was revolting and extremely dissatisfying. Bernard Malamud made it seem as if a baseball players life is all sex and money. I find this book unsatisfying and an utterly gross picture of the way Malamud describes life. The fantsies of these women were shown as carefree and a perfectly good thing. If one likes to read about sex then, this book would be a wonderful piece of disgusting and defiling literature The more you know.

This book, is good if you like american style baseball! I really prefer my baseball Canadian style.

First of all, Pop does not have a love interest in Memo, he is related to her. Second, it is not the "Slammer", it is "Whammer". You people who write the reviews think you know so much. Get your facts straight before you go and tell other people the wrong thing. Facts?

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