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Tuesday, December 09, 2003
  The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros

What the hell is this, people giving this book 5 stars!! IT SUCKED, and i only read it because I HAD TO!!!

*Esperanza and her college Chum Spirit Bear Viciously Maul ROnald Reagan Jr To Death*

See, this book is violent, and it teaches people that it is ok to live in a poor mexican comunity in down town chicago, and that it ok to steal cars and viciously maul small children with your sharp claws and fangs. Mexicans are lawn care workers, nothing more, they shouldnt write a book about them!!

This book encourages Peaganism, and is against the ways of Christ!! It should be BURNED!!

Good Day Yo!!
-Leanza Cornett

PS. Join the Cuban Mafia!!

The book House On Mango Street was a book written for herself. Sandra Cisneros wrote this book for the females of this world. I believe that she wants women to have the same thoughts as her, and that will never happen. Cisneros has an evil view of what men are. Does she hate men all together? I think that she is an angery woman all together. This book was a horrible book, and I feel bad for those who have to read this! yes, it's all a plot to turn people into the book borg.

My name is Jenny. Jenny is a common name. That's why I wanted to change my name. In first through third grade I wanted my name to be Cristina or Summer. In fourth and fifth grade I wanted my name to be Mandy because I got the TLC CD and I was reading the background of the poster of them and I saw that name so I decided that I wanted to be called Mandy sp that's what my friends called me for a while. Then in seventh grade, I went to Africa and there was an African man who asked me for my name so he could carve it into a browm Moliki nut he also carved animals on them. In addition the person who made it spelled my name differently. So from then on, I spelled my name J-E-N-I instead of J-E-N-N-Y. Now I only use it for fun and I got used to my name Jenny.
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