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Monday, January 26, 2004
  The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick

I read this book on the way to a business trip to Aruba. I wished I would of watched the movie on the flight. Who are the people writing these reviews? This book was horrible. I lived in Japan for 5 years when I worked for Toyota, and this is not the kind of life they live. Even in parts of the country where Western influence has not spoiled the old ways, people don't live like they are portrayed in this book. And I understand the "underlining meaning" about this book. Still, it is boring and the writer can't carry the story. He leaves many loose ends. This book is great for people that have time to think about these underlining themes. Most of these people think they are so smart to figure these themes out. Most everyone else understands these thing, but don't care. Theyw ant a book to entertain, not to expand their mind. If you are in a career you love, work for a living (unlike some college proffesor) and enjoy your life you understand these themes already. So get a life. Read a business bio about someone who built this country! Not a book by someone who hates life and did not get enough attention for their daddy.
Ah, sweet bitterness.

This Story is about Dunce, a young man who wants to grow up and be a police detective. He is on a trip with his friend Daryl to Scotland to visit his father, who works for a historic company. The second that Dunce arrives at the castle where his dad works, he is told by police that his dad was missing, and that they have no clues. The very next morning Dunce and Daryl went into the kitchen, and saw blood everywhere. A trail of blood led the two boys to a barn. As they walked inside they saw the maid hanging from her neck, and she has been stabbed several times in the back. When Dunce and Daryl returned with the police, the body was gone. The police thought that the boys were playing a joke on them. When Dunce returned to his rooom, he noticed a letter on the floor. The letter is from the killer. The letter says that if he wants to see his dad again he needs to come to the old cabin in the forest tonight. As Dunce arrives at the cabin, he saw his dad and the killer. Dunce is shocked. The killer was his mother. The mom wanted revenge because Dunce's father cheated on her many, many times. Right before she shot his father, gunshots were fired. It was the chef. He has killed Dunce's mom. Dunce and his father are now saved.
Well, what more could I add to that.

I cannot believe I invested time in this book. It started off great, but then dragged and dragged. When Wegner spilled the beans about the German invasion plans, I thought the book would take off, but it was hardly ever mentioned again. The characters were flat and boring. And the ending, AAAAGGGHHHH!
I am a salesman, and read all kinds of books to relate to my clients. If I ever met anyone who liked this book, I would run the other way. One question to whoever liked this book: Do you have a job or do you work at Borders and wear a turtleneck and have 15 piercings and smoke dope?

Bitterness redux. 
Friday, January 23, 2004
  Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

Well.......I think this book well, it just SUXED. I could not understand this! It makes no sense. Why coudln't they just at least change the names you could at least pronoucne it, ne ways if you plan on reading it, your want lots of time, so u can understand it. Good Luck...
So this is the sort of insight that I missed while I was consumed with work. Yay?


I did not like this book at all. My english teacher makes us read these books about culture which I do not like at all. They are usually boring and not what I expectd. I wish we didn;t have to read these books. When I was readin it I thought it was okay, but then it got way to culteral for my taste. I have to give Achebe credit though, because if I did like these types of books then it would be awesome book. I mean I liked some parts when they explained there culture, and i also liked the parts when I read about there different ceremonies and stuff. Anyway If you arent the tyoe of person that likes to read books on culture you shuld not read this book. Ew...culture. Yet the reviewer did give it 5 stars.

This book was good!This book was good!This book was good!This book was good!This book was good!This book was good!This book was good!This book was good!This book was good!This book was good!This book was good!This book was good!This book was good!This book was good!strong> So, you liked it? 
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